The cloud; when we utter this word we understand that it is vast. This term was not actually understood by many and even by the IT experts. No sooner it gained popularity; everyone shifted their interest from in-house storage to the cloud storage. Let us understand what the cloud is. The cloud is a virtual space to store data which can be accessed with an Internet facility available. If we are dealing in a software world, we need to have a backup plan to meet any unforeseen situation.

Who can use the Cloud base platform?

The big question arises in every layman’s mind is that who should use the cloud based platform? To answer it simply, any hardware or a software company can use the Cloud technology who really wants to save time, money and wish to move towards changing era. Sarcastically, 70% of the people are still not aware what Cloud technology is, but are still using cloud technology like Gmail, Drop box etc.

Major characteristics of Cloud Platform:

Self-service: No humanitarian effort is required while we use this service. Majorly it is done by a web-based which is a self-service portal.

Ocean of network access: The Cloud platform provides a huge network access and can perform in-numerous tasks over mobile devices and other storage devices.

Elasticity and Scalability: Most of the tasks are performed on demand and they are triggered according to the desire of the customer and are easy to execute as well.  The ability to alter your plans due to fluctuation in business size and needs is a superb benefit as well as characteristics of cloud computing.

Cost Effective: One has to only pay for the resource they use, therefore avoiding inefficiencies and expense of any unused volume.

The cloud storage can be of broadly two type: 

  1. Cloud storage services
  2. Individual Cloud storage services

Cloud storage services

This is a general cloud storage service which is granted to people who opt for simple storage. In this service, the data stored is in a massive form and may be combined with some other users cloud space as well. Though this kind of storage has no risks associated with security. As cloud storage is assumed to be the most reliable storage area for any individual or a company as well.

Some cloud storage space provides free software storage up to few GB, after the consumed space, a specified charge is incurred for the usage. Gmail and Google Drive are some of the examples of cloud storage without paying any fees.

Individual Cloud storage

Individual cloud storage is like independent cloud storage, which is mostly selected by big companies which have some asset in their hand for availing the space. Mostly, cloud storage is cheaper than other in-house storage devices. Individual storage provides abundant space and also has some enhanced security features if we compare with general cloud storage area.

Data storage and data recovery is much easier in cloud storage platform. The cloud providers usually have a mirror of the data that is stored with them so that backup is easy and secured. Switch to cloud for a good data storage option.