A clean room is an isolated or a secluded area devoid of dust particles and a proper temperature is maintained so that the recovery of data can be performed effectively in that room. No contamination of external dust-borne or chemical vapors should take place. A common clean room contains a room with plastic ceilings, lighting and a continuous flow of dust-free air.

Many different industries have been using clean room technology; Information Technology (IT) is also one of them to use it for recovery of hard drives in such an environment. A clean room for hard drive recovery is important to maintain the originality of the media. Also, there are various storage devices which might not function just because of a tiny dust particle entered into its layers or plates. These foreign particles actually damage (Scratch) the coatings of the drive and make it function-less and may also lead to a permanent loss of data.

A Class 5 Clean Room is set up for :

  • Hard drive manufacturing
  • Hard Drive data recovery
  • Miniature ball bearings assembly
  • Photo laboratory
  • Medical Implants

Why is a Clean Room important?

Hard Drive which has suffered a physical damage or requires an opening of its parts for recovery needs a clean room area so that it can be opened and then fixed. A room is maintained with proper cleanliness so that no foreign particles enter the room. It is important because, being a layman, we are hardly aware of the features and components of a hard drive. If we open it in an open atmosphere, it may lead to a permanent data loss. The particles that enter the plates of the drive may damage the whole functionality and you may suffer a great financial loss due to its storage becoming volatile.

Can we create our own Clean Room?

The Internet is something everyone has become addicted to. And there is nothing wrong in using it for gaining knowledge. But we should be well aware that not everything that we learn from the Internet is 100% authentic to use in daily life. Same applies to data recovery options and setting a clean room of your own. Many articles are there on Search Engines which provides tips and tricks to set up your own Clean Room. Some of them include like, setting up a room in plastic food container storage or running a shower for about 20 minutes continuously to remove dust particles and much more. In-numerous suggestions are available to create your own DIY stuff.

The above environment set-up is actually not recommended by most of the professionals because the clean room requires a very sophisticated HVAC filtering system. Setting up such a highly skilled room is not a layman’s task. Creating such rooms requires proper cleaning and a room temperature is maintained for the entrance of foreign objects. Doing all this on your own shall not be experimented.

A data stored is an important data and if once damaged need to be properly managed and given in the hands of a skilled person to carry out the recovery. If mishandled, it may lead to a permanent loss of data.