Vmware Data Recovery 2 Performance

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Data protection for VMware environments can get very complex. Many existing solutions: Only protect a subset of applications; Do not scale efficiently to larger number of VMs, requiring manual work, additional hardware costs, and suffering in performance

VMware, Inc. is a subsidiary of Dell Technologies that provides cloud computing and platform virtualization software and services. It was one of the first commercially successful companies to virtualize the x86 architecture.

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Products Gain cloud freedom and control, and achieve true digital transformation. VMware Cloud and our solutions for the data center, mobility and security enable enterprises to master a software-defined approach to business and IT.

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The following table and graphic provide a high-level view of the components used for VMware disaster recovery to Azure. Azure An Azure subscription, Azure Storage account, and Azure network. Replicated data from on-premises VMs is stored in the storage account. Azure VMs are created with the

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