The computer was a great evolution in the history of technology. How many benefits has it given to the mankind is beyond words. The computer saved an immense amount of data on its hard drive. With time, the capacity to store data has increased enormously. As we save data on the hard drive there is always a risk associated with it because the hard drive may crash due to various reasons. The loss may be a single file or if the data is lost from a company it may incur the huge expense.

Depending upon the type of crash, there are many data recovery option which a company may offer. Also, there is some software available in the market (preferably paid ones) which can help recover partial data as well. We have collected few types of data recovery services by many companies across the globe.

1.Digital Recovery

Today is the era of digitization and no one is devoid of it. Digital devices are like camera (mostly outdated) portable storage devices (Pen-drive) and much more. With the increase in demand of these digital devices, there is always a chance of data loss.

Digital recovery companies provide appropriate recovery options to get the data recovered from the devices.

2.Hard Drive Recovery

Gone are the days when there was a storage capacity of only 512 MB; today most of the hard disk is of TB capacity. May be this is the reason for a data failure in hard drives. More is the data nowadays and if not maintained properly may lead to a crash. Every company or an individual too is now willing to store data on the hard drive. Be it be movies or some important files and documents related to a company, everything is pushed to the HDD. Therefore, it has become utter important to save the data in a secured manner and proper care is taken to recover the data if crashed (unfortunately).

3.USB Recovery

Who is unaware of a USB device? Probably nobody! The reason for the same is USB is one of the most used devices to transfer small data from one device to the other. Though this USB is also now available in a higher capacity range, yet it has a chance of it being crashed easily. This type of recovery option is also done by many companies.

4.RAID Recovery

RAID recovery is one of the complex recovery types in data retrieving option. Extreme technical knowledge is required to carry on the process and it has a very little chance of it being recovered if the data is lost from it. Most big companies opt for RAID and the data stored in it need to be properly backed up, because the data once lost may lead to an extreme financial loss. Most of the big heads try to recover the data through Internet knowledge, but it’s advisable that if a RAID data is lost, do not approach for any kind of patch work, call a specialist to get into the matter and then get it recovered if really possible.

There are also many other types of data recovery options which a company may provide. The above-mentioned ones are one of the common ones.