SteelFab is one of the largest steel fabricators here in the United States. Pretty much the skyline of Charlotte is what we’ve done here at SteelFab. There’s a lot of information that was backing up. The main thing that we back up that’s probably the most important is the projects that we use. A lot of drawings, office documents, contracts and things like that that we’re using. We have a small IT department, we have five people on the team.

Using HPE data protectors help to decrease the amount of time that I spend looking at backups, working with backups. The interface is really easy to look at and understand if things worked or didn’t work. If it’s green it’s good, if it’s red there’s a problem. Now, I’m able to just come in first thing in the morning, just look to see if the jobs work the night before; It’s quick, it’s easy. Another thing that we using the data projectors is the Store Once device. Store Once, they work together really well, there’s a lot of the language that’s written between them to help the backup times to decrease a lot.

Store Once device

We have a Store Once device on site and then we also have a Store Once device off-site for disaster recovery. So no matter what, our data will always be protected, it always gets back up and it’s very fast. The deduplication is one of the things that helps decrease our backup times tremendously. It’s able to look at the information in much smaller bits and pieces to make it much faster backup. We back up quite a bit information, so it definitely helps out. What used to take a long time, days, now has come down just a matter of hours.

The thing that I really enjoy about IT is that it’s always a challenge. IT changes every day, it seems like, so there always something new to learn. Currently, we’re backing up about seven terabytes of information. We’ll continue to increase as time goes on because we keep bringing in more projects, more data keeps coming in. Hewlett Packard Enterprise data protector has been very beneficial it has helped decrease the amount of time that we use for doing our backups and restores are so much faster than what they were before. It’s helped out tremendously in just saving time and money and making things flow better and work better. It’s a great product.