The computer has changed the complete outlook of our work performing fashion. The traditional and a smart device have in-numerous tasks to operate. One of the features that make our work easier is by viewing photos through a Photo Viewer which also provides us with a facility to rotate, enlarge, shrink and edit. This is the most commonly used application on the computer or any other device. The files format that they support is mainly JPEG or PNG. Once the files work fine, the work gets executed smoothly, but what happens when a data or JPEG file gets corrupted? This is a kind of data corruption and we will be dealing with JPEG data errors and recover those files through this article.

First, let’s discuss some of the obvious JPEG reasons for the corrupt file.

  • JPEG scan remained incomplete
  • Header files were broken
  • Pictures/Images taken in a low battery signal
  • Virus Attack
  • Some errors found in JPEG code

We will now deal with the errors which everyone might have faced while opening, closing or viewing a JPEG file.

Error #1: Invalid value for registry

A registry is a place in the system which stores all the information and programs and it also guides as well as instructs the system to perform a specific task when a parameter related to that program is passed. When we try to open a JPEG file, registry instructs the system to open the file through specific parameters passed internally.

Fixes :

Download the latest driver from the Internet and then install and update the image viewer program. Use the registry setting only if you are bit technical, else try and repair JPEG through the repair software available.

Error #2: JPEG error #53

This error pops up because of two probable reasons:

  • RAM or hardware failure
  • Installing unnecessary programs through the Internet or elsewhere

There is also a strong probability that Windows (Operating System) might have got corrupted as well.

Fixes :

The easiest way to fix it is by using a Photo-editor. This can be a PhotoShop, Paint or even a Corel Draw. Open the corrupt JPEG file in any of the editors and then save it in JPEG format again.

Error #3: Invalid JPEG marker

This is an error most of you might have come across and this is also one of the common errors. This error arises due to improper encoding and decoding of the JPEG file. Might be the medium through which the image was retrieved is not downloaded properly.

Fixes :

Use JPEG repair software to get the file functional. JPEG does not support 16-bit transparency and hence ensure that the file that you have, supports the required feature.

JPEG files are the most used image files in any system. The more it is used, more it is susceptible to errors. Use proper JPEG repair software to get the error fixed. Many of the corrupted JPEG files cannot be repaired. So, always maintain a backup of each file or folder you use.