So, after starting WMKeeper WinPro, the program suggests you enter WMID and the password, as well as the location where pass key files are kept. As it is the first attempt to enter the program from this computer or it happens after reinstallation of the operating system, WMKeeper WinPro cannot find the utility file and suggests selecting the possible cause for it, as well as the situation with availability of a key file, it asks you to specify the file path and enter the file password.

Recovering the Key File

*Step one recovering the key file in order to recover a key file (.Kwm), start Hetman Partition Recovery and scan the flash drive or hard disk where you used to keep the key before reinstalling Windows or formatting the disk. if the key file was kept on the computer’s hard disk, it would be fine if you remembered the folder where it was saved – it will make the search easier. Select the file you need and save it to a convenient location, and then you can proceed with entering your WebMoney account using WMKeeper WinPro.

Recovering WMID Transaction History

Step two Recovering WMID transaction history and internal correspondence The description of restoring access to WebMoney wallets will be incomplete if we don’t mention one more thing, how to restore WMID transaction history and internal correspondence if you are using WMKeeper WinPro, the entire history of your WMID is kept in the Wallet file on your computer. This file has the name of your WMID and the extension.PWM. Keeper creates it automatically when working and saves it by default to the user’s profile on disk C:.

In addition to that file, there are three other files in the user’s WebMoney folder. WMKeeper WinPro creates and uses them when starting and loading the transaction history; they are 153083588289.Init 153083588289.pwm.db 153083588289.pwm. Safe certainly, you can see the transaction history on your wallets with the help of Reports service on the WebMoney site. But you can also try recovering it in your Keeper. To do it, start Hetman Partition Recovery and recover the lost wallet files of your WMID and the contents of the folder C:\Users\(UserName)\AppData\Roaming\WebMoney using “Full analysis”  that is Content-Aware Analysis. Then copy all recovered files into the folder C:\Users\(UserName)\AppData\Roaming\WebMoney, and then start WMKeeper again and enter the password to your WMID. As a result, WMKeeper will load with the history files you have recovered.