There are many causes why files can be lost, from accidentally deleting a file or folder to disk formatting, virus attack or system failures. To begin with, open the external hard disk and delete files from there. Let them be some documents. In order to recover files lost from an external hard disk with EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard:

1. Start the program and indicate file type as “Document”.
2. Next.
3. Select the disk from where you are going to recover files In our case, that is disk E.
4. Scan.
5. Wait for the scanning to be over.

Having scanned the external hard disk, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard suggests recovering more files by running a deeper scan. Before that, let’s have a look at the folders the program has recovered after a standard scan. As we can see after scanning, the program has found the files we deleted. If it didn’t happen we would continue looking for these files with a deeper scan.

Double-click on one of the files to view it before recovering. To recover the necessary files, select them in the program window and click “Recover”. Choose the folder you have created in advance for saving the files, and click “OK”. The program opened the folder containing the recovered files. The files have been recovered. It should be noted that there is such a high percentage of recovered files because we started recovery action right after they were deleted.

EaseUS Data Recovery

To evaluate EaseUS Data Recovery Steps we compared it to Hetman Partition Recovery: the two programs have much in common – a simple interface, two analysis types, and a preview function for files waiting to be recovered. However, there are distinct advantages to be found in Hetman Partition Recovery such as a better-quality quick scan algorithm; preview function that supports playback of audio and video files; more techniques to save recovered files (they include recording to a CD/DVD, uploading by FTP or creating a virtual ISO image of the recovered data). Hetman Partition Recovery also has the function to create a virtual disk image, which you can use later to recover files; this program can also recover virtual machines data. The version of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard we are testing does not have such functions.