Everyone is living in a Digital era and gone are the days when negative of a photo taken was developed to get the actual picture. It was time-consuming as well as a long process.  Digitization is also in photography too. Best quality images within seconds and easily accessible to everybody with a sharing facility is much popular these days. The more the advancement is towards the soft copy of the photos/images taken, more are the chances of its getting lost easily. It might be a memorable moment that you have captured and its loss might not accomplish good results to you. Preserving data and maintaining it with a proper backup is what recommended by most data recovery companies and data experts. Losing a digital photo can have several probable reasons. We have summarized few of them and tried to put light to it through this article.

Reason #1: Formatting the device

If the device is running slow and the functions are not running properly, users mostly prefer to format the device. In a hurry to get the device function properly, sudden formatting can lead to the loss of photos if not backed properly.

Reason #2: Not using memory card properly

Running out of space in the device or sharing data with some other people can actually enforce you to use a memory card to transfer the photos. Once you plug-in the device and connect it to the computer (or any other device to be transferred), the photos need to be transmitted properly so that copy and paste are done completely. If not done and the device is shut down accidentally without transmittance, data loss is most probable to occur.

Reason #3: Low battery

Transferring the photos when either of the devices is not fully charged and the battery is about to die any moment. Photo sharing or copying in such a situation may lead to photo loss.

Reason #4: Ignoring the system message

If the device is full, the system automatically throws a message if it faces any issue like, the system memory is running low, or the data requires formatting etc. If such kind of warning messages are ignored, it might lead to internal memory corruption and the photos so stored in the device gets lost.

Reason #5: Improper ejection of the device

Willing to share the photos clicked on Facebook or any other Social media or trying to backup the contents in any other storage media? If you are sharing the data through a data cable and while removing the cable, improper ejection is made without following the proper ejection process, it may lead to data loss from the device.

Reason #6: Overwriting

While copying or writing the files, photos to another device, accidentally it may lead to data loss (loss of photos). If you are overwriting a photo and removing redundancy, you might land in complete photo loss.

Above were some of the common reasons everyone might have faced and might have landed in digital photo loss. Maintain proper backup and transfer the files properly.