The ransom ware holds flaws in the computer’s operating system to force it to run the ransom ware code. The ransom ware encrypts important files on the system and demands a ransom payment to decrypt them, typically using untraceable crypto currency like bit coin Ransom ware like WannaCry can also use flaws in the Windows OS to replicate and spread around the victim’s computer network. Protecting your systems against Ransom ware is a challenge as it is constantly evolving and even the best virus protection is only effective 50% of the time. Multi-version cloud backup is your best weapon against ransom ware attacks.

A cloud backup provider automatically backs up all your folders and files continuously. That means every time you open a file, make an edit and save it on your computer, it’s automatically updated and backed up to the cloud as well, keeping all your important data safe at a secure offsite location. After removing the ransom ware virus you can easily restore previous versions of all your files. For extra peace of mind, a cloud backup solution uses advanced encryption to protect your data before it even leaves your computer, making sure you are the only one who can restore and access your information. Won’t it cost a lot for this level of security? Not at all! Our Unlimited backup service costs less than 27p a day for a single computer and starts at less than £1 a day for our server solutions.

So you’ll never have to worry about the loss or corruption of your business-critical data ever again.

Time Machine and Data Backup

One of the most common issues we see here at MacMedics is with hard drives. Now, for those who don’t know the hard drives is where you store all of the data on the computer.

Think photos and Word documents and everything else that’s important to you. This poses an issue because if your hard drive fails all of the data and all the information that’s important to you is at risk. So the wedding photographer getting ready to edit their photos could lose all of them. The student working on their thesis due tomorrow could lose that at any given moment. We want to take preventative measures to make sure that that doesn’t happen and we do this through a program called Time Machine. It’s already built into the computer and the only thing that you need is a backup hard drive.

When it comes to choosing a backup hard drive there are a lot of options on the market. We tend to like these backup drives from Seagate. They’re one-terabyte drives. They’re perfect for individual consumer use, and you can get drives that are bigger for business or other commercial uses as well. To set up your time machine drive to backup your data, all you have to do is plug in your new backup hard drive, go to the Apple menu in the top left-hand corner, select System Preferences, and then Time Machine, and select your backup disk through that panel.

Now that you set up your drives to backup automatically you’re good to go. Time Machine takes care of the rest and you can rest assured that your data is backed up in now two spots – on your internal hard drive and now on this external hard drive.