Noteges was born in 2005 with the aim of providing the best software real estate and currently uses to replicate the Big Data patterns companies with better results. We are a consulting firm that develops a collective of more than 1,000 real estate professionals who we give different services, mainly consulting model business, technology as a powerful computing platform, services legal, etc.

The main achievement of which we are most proud of is that we have developed a business model that generates continue our partners 169% production increase over the average industry, even reaching 241% in the high performance and all this without sacrificing personal welfare. It is a business model where eight hours of work, well organized and well planned, it allows you eight other family and leisure, which is what usually cost the professional is successful. We measure the branch network we measure at three levels and those who do little-proposed model, the most or less do and those who do quite well.

You call for example at half past nine overnight at offices lower group and 70% -75% offices you pick up the phone. In the middle group and you catch it 35%. At the top, you would not catch anyone. What is the question? as having a very clear methodology, be very organized, have a planning, control of the agenda is critical, and follow certain processes and certain steps. Initiates, newcomers, those who are still doing little process model recommended because they are in the learning phase, billed 60,812 last year, and higher than the industry average.

Mature, ripe middle group, billed 87,563 and seniors 114,096 Euros per person, per professional CRM helps us and gives us guidelines on how we, help us know how we’re going at all times of the month, not only in sales but work is very important, and the truth is we’ve done really well since we are in Noteges. A working level, work less and I earn much more I have time to spend with my family, I have time to devote time to what me I like it. Yes, we have a blog since 2006, video blog in fact, where we hang practical cases on a regular basis, and customers interact with us through the messages that there are going moving; and then through social networks.

The degree of satisfaction with the services we are getting is high. It has been very important to us highly appreciate that their acens understood our needs for understanding our times, our business, which thereby has been made a positive implementation of the new platform. The new Cloud Datacenter allows us to face today and in the coming years that continued growth in offices, users and functionality a much more solvent, even better prepared for the way in which we plan to carry out. We decided to hire within the entire range of services also Cloud Backup for a complete solution and robust at the granularity that we provide the backup services acens.

Four Pillars

They allow us to have peace of mind. Noteges seeks to be attractive, efficient, innovative and with a multinational vocation. For that we structure us on four pillars:

  1. One is technology, i.e., enshrined in a personal study everything on the market technologically to give to our customers.
  2. The second is the observation of success. We observe success, we study for transforming it into a business model.
  3. The third pillar is training, how transmitting the first two to a classroom or mechanisms of cognition.
  4. And finally, we have a very important pillar is legal, because everything in our lives is a reflection on the legal life, and you have to know and know what their framework for action.