Today is an era of Internet and everyone is deeply inclined towards it. From traditional CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitors, we have marched forward to a smartphone addiction. But whether it was a computer or is a smartphone, everyone stores data so that it can be used in future and when it comes to a data failure, again the Internet is the first option one looks for in getting that recovered.

Being a layman and having a brief technical knowledge of data recovery; it can help in few cases, but it may lead to a disaster if heavy data is lost and you remain entangled to a wrong approach. There are few myths which we usually think will work in getting the data recovered. Let us know through this article as for why these are myths and what really needs to be done in getting those data recovered through appropriate services.

Myth# 1: Freezing or Heating a Hard drive, brings back the data lost

Faced a data loss from a hard drive and best solution you received from the Internet was Freezing or heating. The data will be recovered after some time, is what most users will recommend on Google or may be other search engines. Some are of the opinion that temperature change inside the drive may enhance the work flow of the drive.

Let us see what actually happens.

Reality :

Freezing or heating of hard drive may lead to work for some time, which is momentarily, but this is just a temporary work. You might be rejoiced to see your data working for few seconds, but it is not long-lived. To enlighten more, it is strongly recommended not to store a data in the Freezer. Most of the technicians working on such data which has been stored for as long as 1 hour has expressed their views saying, it decreased the chance of data recovery to about 40%.
Next time if you come across a hard drive failure, don’t rush to the refrigerator; instead, call a technician to help you out.

Myth# 2: Dust free room required for data recovery

Facing a problem with data loss and then looking for recovery is what everyone aims at. Most companies suggest for a high-level recovery because the room that is used by them is always dust free. Dust free rooms allow data to be recovered easily and will cost more. Data is important and need to be recovered fast, the owner or the individual opts to pay a higher price in exchange of that data.

Reality :

It is true that a dust free environment enhances the recovery to some extent, but only in the situation when the plates of a hard drive are required to be opened. Not all hard drives require a dust free room to get it recovered. It is probably accepted that dust may hamper the functionality of the hard drives once the plates are opened. So, as far as the plates are packed, there is no need for a dust free recovery option.

Myth# 3: All professional data recovery options are extravagant

The expensive truth of data recovery is a buzz among many individuals as well as the company. If a hard drive is corrupt, the company dealing with data recovery services charge heavy amount for its recovery. All the professionals involved in the process are skilled ones and require a huge amount of effort and expensive software is used to get the data retrieved.


Not all recovery is expensive. Though if you hire a professional for getting the data recovered, it may charge you a bit from your pocket, that does not mean at all that just opening a hard drive can cost you heavy dollars. Choose the right company keeping in mind their successful work and most importantly the hidden charges.