Register or a small booklet was used to store contacts earlier when landline was in trend. As the technology advanced and we entered into an era of smartphones, each contact is saved in it and much more things as well. Contacts are very important for any user. The more is the dependency on smartphones, people are mostly saving all the contacts there and do not think of a need to store it elsewhere.

Reasons for losing a contact from Android phone can be many like,

  • Accidentally losing contact details
  • Format of the device
  • Sudden selection of all contacts deletion (accidental)
  • Sim issue

 The contacts that you actually lose, is not permanently deleted from your phone. This is clear misconception as well as the lack of knowledge that people think this way; data deleted from the phone is the data lost completely. These deleted data are actually there on your phone, but gets overwritten by some other files and become useless in some corner of your device. These data become non-readable and hence become difficult to be accessed. Various software in the market is available that can get your contacts recovered from any Android phone. All have some of the common features in them. Let us see what can be the common features or attributes of data recovery software:

  1. Extract contacts/ data from a damaged phone.
  2. Select the type of data to be recovered.
  3. Compatible with almost every company manufacturing a smartphone with all possible  versions.
  4. Capable to fix issues related to data crash, screen damage, virus attack, or a phone lock  issue.

Above were some of the features of all data recovery software. We will now be discussing of how to get the contacts recovered from the android phone if it’s lost due to any aforesaid reason.

 Step 1: Turn on USB debugging in your Android tablet.

 Step 2: Each Android version has a different way to open USB debugging.

  • Version 2.3 or earlier-> Settings-> Applications -> Development-> USB Debugging
  • Version 3.0 to 4.1 -> Settings-> Developer Option-> USB Debugging
  • Version 4.2 or later-> Settings-> About Phone-> Build Number( press build number  for as many times until you get a message” You are under developer mode”-> Settings->  Developer Options-> USB Debugging

  Step 3: Connect the device to the computer via USB.

  Step 4: Start scanning your device by searching the name of your device.

  Step 5: System may prompt for a “Root” message, allow ‘Yes’ to it for data recovery.

 Step 6: Once the scanning is complete, the recovered data can be seen visible on your  computer. Check for all the files, if all of them have been recovered or not.

Recovering of data/contacts is not difficult until you do not mishandle or rewrite everything again and again. By doing this the earlier data gets rewritten and vanishes completely. Contacts are an important part of any smartphone; if they get crashed or lost, it may lead to some trouble. Why get into a trouble? Use Android Recovery software for getting your contacts back.