Hard Drives are used to save data anytime and store it for future purpose. Each hard drive has a different capacity and it must be handled with utter care to prevent data loss. Hard drives; depending upon the capacity, data is stored. This storage device, if mishandled or may be due to an accident, it can lead to various issues. Some can be like, not detecting the hard drive properly, plugs not connected to both ends of the device and much more. We will discuss in detail as what issues can be faced with hard drives and how to fix it.

Issue #1: Is Hard drive set to “ON” mode in the system you are using

If the hard drive is of your computer system, then it has BIOS in it. Check for, if it’s in switched on mode. If the system is not detecting the Hard Drive then it can be a minor issue of just switching it on.

Issue #2: Data Cable not plugged properly

If the Hard Drive is not detecting properly, it can be an issue of data cable even. If you are connecting a Hard Drive through a data cable, check for, if the cable is plugged in properly and see if it is not damaged from any end.

Issue #3: See if the Drive is spinning or rotating properly

Hard Drives have plates in it, which keeps on spinning and so the data can be read. There can be various reasons for the drive not spinning properly. Switch on and again off the system, to see if it’s really working. See if the proper power supply is transmitted to the system to make the drive work effectively.

Issue #4: Other factors

Other factors can lead to the hard drive not being detected. Like, the Computer failure, the motherboard damage or the virus has attacked the system. Any factor can lead to the hard drive not being detected.

A hard drive issue (drive not being detected) can be due to several reasons. The proper measure shall be taken to recover them. Always check for the plug-in problems. The system need to be working properly for the hard drives to function properly. Hard Drives are an important storage device which is mostly used by people to store sensitive as well as casual data. Using it diligently is what recommended by all experts!

Earlier, the data was not given much importance due to the paper usage more in trend. All the information was stored in register kind of thing. The same register appearance has now taken shape in software format. Dependence of hard drive as well as all storage media has increased two-fold. Hard drive maintenance and storage should be done with proper care so that the data remains secure and accessibility of the lost data (if ever happened) can be done easily.

Understanding the proper functionality as well as the working mechanism of the hard drive will let you identify the issues quickly and easily.