Here I’m going to delete some files on my D drive here. We are going to delete 7 files here for better understanding. We are considering almost all major formats files here. I’m permanently deleting these files. Let’s just check my recycle bin to ensure that files are permanently deleted. It means that we permanently deleted those files.

Now open your browser. Now you type R E C U V A that is Recuva here. You can see all the mentioned links on Google. Now select which ever you prefer, install it. Now Run as Administrator. Just select next when the first time it will open. Select which ever format file you were searching for if you are not sure it’s better to select “All Files”. Now here select file location from where your file was deleted if not sure, for a random search, select “Not Sure” if you know the proper location and click on “Browse” Button. Here we are going to select my location “D” drive. Select that file and press “OK” Button.

Next for deep scan, you can check in front of the option and then say next. Now here you can see files with the green and red symbol. Green is for a file that is recoverable, and the red one is for not. For now, we are selecting my files (7 files) and the fact is Recuva can recover files which were deleted before its installation. Now click on recover then say ok if you are going to select the same location where files were, it may be risky. Here we can see that warning. Here you can go to other location or just click on ok. I’m going to click on “Yes”. So it’s Successful. Now let’s check recovered files for your confirmation. Here you can see all files.

Data Recovery Process

It’s every computer user’s nightmare A power spot, an accidental drop, or unexplained technical failure.

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There are no hidden fees. Ontrack Data Recovery is unique because we do most of the work upfront to show you an easy to understand traffic light report of your recoverable files. Kroll Ontrack has 22 locations around the world but has one of the most advanced built here in Australia. Your data is recovered in our clean room where the work benches are dust free, thanks to HEPA filters, typically found in hospital surgeries. To give the best possible result, we image data to our own secure data centre.

Your data security is our primary concern and our premises are securely protected and monitored to make sure your data is safe. In more than 90% of cases, we can provide our customer’s data back in its original state if you need help to recover lost, deleted or damaged files, call the Ontrack Data Recovery service.