No one requires an introduction to the famous communicator app; WhatsApp. The reason for the same is that it is known by almost every class of the family and around the world. This is as an app which has perfectly bridged the gap between families and friends. Communicating through messages is what people do and during this process, if accidentally the app or the phone crashes and you accidentally lose your WhatsApp data, have you thought upon how to retrieve it? We, through this article, will help you retrieve your lost WhatsApp data from Android phone.

Let us learn the solution for getting your WhatsApp Chat history, images, videos and other files after you have lost from your app.

Retrieving Solution #1

This solution should be selected if you have backed up your WhatsApp data with Google Drive. WhatsApp after installation asks to back up your data periodically and if you have selected it to yes, then you can surely retrieve the lost data.

  •  Uninstall the WhatsApp from your device.
  •  Re-install the app and then sign-in using the same account as was used earlier.
  •  After installation, a message will pop-up asking for the back-up of the data, the  message will be as “Restore back-up”. Tap on it and you will get all your messages,  pictures, files that were there earlier in your app.


  • The data can only be recovered if you have opted for Google Drive backup.
  • WhatsApp if used on the same Operating system, only then can the data be retrieved.
  • One cannot select from which data you wish to backup. One need to back-up the whole data and get it downloaded after re-installation.
  • After re-installation, WhatsApp prompts to back-up the data, if you skip that step, you would never be able to retrieve those data.

Retrieving Solution #2

This is the solution to get your lost WhatsApp chat if you have not backed up the data through Google Drive. There are several apps/tools for Android, which helps get your data retrieved. We will discuss here one of the apps and its procedure.

  • Install the Gihosoft Data recovery tool for Windows or Mac, whichever is you  preference
  • Start the recovery tool; a message will be there showing which App data you wish to  recover. Select the WhatsApp and click next
  • Connect your mobile phone to the computer through a USB device and wait for the  device to be connected properly.
  • Click the “Start” icon to proceed further and let it scan. The scanning may take a long  or short time depending on the size of the file to be retrieved.
  • Once the scanning is finished, all the data of WhatsApp; images, files, chat history gets listed in the left panel. Select and recover that you wish to recover.
  • Finally, click on Recover icon and get your lost data.

The above were two methods of getting your WhatsApp data; both if backed up with Google Drive and if not backed up even. Apps and tools have made life easier. The backup procedure that is mentioned in this article is solely for Android phones.