The computer is now best replaced by smartphones and tablets. Tablets have a larger screen and almost similar features with that of a computer and smartphones. Big screens, better streaming videos, payment procedure with an easy go and much more are trending technologies these days. Android tablets have gained a good market position due to its low cost and higher facilities. Playing, storing, online marketing, listening to music, watching videos everything can be done through tablets, but what if, accidentally or may be due to some other reason, few or almost all data suddenly gets lost? Have you ever thought how to recover those data? Data is always useful, sometimes it’s very important data and sometimes it is not necessary to recover those data as it may be of less importance. Depending and analyzing the data loss severity and priority both; recovery options are selected.

Let us see how we can recover data from an android tablet:

The first thing that we should understand is that android and all other operating systems and other software as well keep on updating the software and a new version is released each time with some modifications done in the software. Each version has some new characteristics and features and may be different from the previous one. While recovering data from an android tablet we need to consider the version factor closely.

Step 1: Turn on USB debugging on your Android tablet.

Step 2: Each Android version has a different way to open USB debugging.

  • Version 2.3 or earlier-> Settings-> Applications -> Development-> USB Debugging
  • Version 3.0 to 4.1 -> Settings-> Developer Option-> USB Debugging
  • Version 4.2 or later-> Settings-> About Phone-> Build Number (press build number  for as many times until you get a message” You are under developer mode”-> Settings->  Developer Options-> USB Debugging

Step 3: Connect the device to the computer via USB.

Step 4: Start scanning your device by searching the name of your device.

Step 5: System may prompt for a “Root” message, allow ‘Yes’ to it for data recovery.

Step 6: Once the scanning is complete, the recovered data can be seen visible on your computer. Check for all the files, if all of them have been recovered or not.

Above was the step by step guide of how to recover your data from Android tablet. Once you come to know that you have lost a data, always keep a caution in mind of not mishandling the device. If done so, it may lead to rewriting of files and the data may vanish altogether forever.

Data is sensitive or not, depends on company or individual using it. If an individual has lost data from an android tablet, above procedures may help recover the lost data. It is mostly seen that the tablets are best used by individuals and so the data can be of both cases; sensitive and important. Recovery of such data becomes difficult if the device is not managed and run properly after data loss. Follow the instructions above and handle the device with utter care to get the data recovered.