What to do when your data is corrupted?

Data is something which can be considered as an asset for many people/business men. It all depends on what kind of data a device is holding or storing. Individuals might save some personal/sensitive information in the device and might be holding a single copy of the data. Same applies to the companies/organizations as well. Many companies store a hell lot of data which is really very secret as well as informative. These data need to be properly handled so that it does not get corrupted.

Data Corruption is a device error in which the data stored in a device loses its set original pattern and enters into a new set pattern. The loss of data can be due to human error or may be due to hardware or software fault. Some of the data corruption can be restored/ some partial and some of the data enter such a state from which retrieval is impossible. To identify if the data has got corrupted there are few symptoms which it throws. Let us first understand those:

  • Hanging of the device
  • Device performing slow than earlier
  • Earlier running files throws an error like ‘Invalid file format’
  • The device seems to be very busy despite very little or no files running
  • Some of the files or folders are lost on their own
  • File permissions changes
  • Opening a file shows gibberish characters

 3 Technical reasons that might have led to data corruption

There are many reasons which may lead to a device failure, but some of the technical reasons that we have found are as below.

1.A wrong program addressed

An improper or a wrong program if given to a storage device might lead to a data corruption. This is commonly found when a system or a device is shut down improperly or the device is properly shut down but the direct power button is set to ‘off’ state.

2.Virus attack

A virus mostly comes through Internet usage. When a virus or a malware comes into the system or the device it slows down the work process and in-turn leads to data corruption.

3.Poor quality of Hardware or Software

Another common reason for data corruption is software or hardware issues. Various companies are there in the market which provides a pirated copy of the software. If you are the ones using pirated software, you are the top probable person to be prone to data corruption. The quality of hardware and software should be of high rank to avoid data corruption situation.

To overcome the problem of data corruption, we have enlisted few ways. Let us see few good ones:

Troubleshooting system/device issues

A device is a machine and a machine may be working fine but sometimes may get hanged or not work properly. We need to regularly troubleshoot all the problems that come or pop up in any device for smooth running phase.

Backing up of the data

Backing up of the data is one of the most recommended remedies for data corruption. If you are dealing with Software, make it a habit of backing up of all your files and folders. This is a good practice. It not only relieves you from the tension of data loss but also inculcates a good habit of saving a data to meet an emergency.

Regularly updating the Anti-virus

Anti-virus is a set of a program written to protect your data from malware or virus attack. Regularly updating a data of the Anti-virus installed increases the life of the device and also keeps you aloof of data corruption thought.

The system/ device data is utterly important for your use. Protect and care it with for a longer life.