I will tell you about super useful software for your PC if you have an Android phone. The software name is Wondershare Mobilego and it’s compatible with both Windows and Mac.

It’s an all in one Android manager that will simplify your mobile life. So basically what this software does is it lets you backup, import, and export your apps, games, SMS, contacts, photos, videos in 1 click. So you can go to its website to download the free 15 days trial. Click on the try it for the free button and it will download an exe file.

So just open up that .exe file, grant the admin permission and click on install. Now connect your phone to the computer with the USB cable. You can connect wirelessly also but the USB cable method is recommended. Make sure you have USB debugging turned on your device. How to do this? Just go to your phone settings, then about phone option, tap the build number 7 times.

Developer Options

Go back, tap on developer options, turn in USB debugging and click on OK and just connect the USB cable and after some time you will get a prompt like allow this computer Select always allow and click on OK. Now your phone is connected successfully. Now you can backup your apps and games, delete them, move them to SD card.

You can do the same thing with SMS, contacts, photos, videos, etc, etc if you go to the super toolkit tab, you can root your phone in 1 click. You can backup your whole phone data in one click. I use this feature most of the times because I change phones very frequently. What I do is I plug-in the old phone, click on 1 click backup. Once the backup is done, I disconnect the old phone, connect the new phone.

Click on restore from previous backup and all my apps, games, photos, videos are on my new phone and let me show you one more cool feature of this software. You can download YouTube videos from this software itself. So just click on the download tab and click on YouTube.

Search for any video, you will see a download button, click on that and that’s it. It will automatically download and transfer it to your device. How cool is that, you can also download songs like this by clicking on the MP3 download button and you can also download apps and games. You also get this cute little bunny if you install this software. So what this bunny does is if you want to quickly transfer your files to your phone.

How do you do that? So just select the files that you want to transfer and drop it into this bunny and it will automatically transfer it to your device. How cool is that?