What I mean by that is in our industry we call this Business Continuity Disaster Recovery (BCDR) and there’s really a whole plan that goes around developing (BCDR) where technology is the enabler. There are some great technologies to do that, but certainly, there’s people and process behind this where you’re setting up your plan, and not only setting it up but testing it throughout the year. These are things that we can help you do at Nocserv as a service, but anyway let’s get into why you need this. The US National Archives and Records Administration said that businesses that that were down for seven days that didn’t have access to their data, ninety percent over ninety percent of them were out of business.

Financial Impact

Additionally, in the Verizon DBIR report that comes out every year, said that a small data breach, that’s losing 100 files or less, was a financial impact on the business of $18,000 to $36,000. So these are some reasons why you’re looking at this but certainly as you’re evaluating BCDR plan you’ve got to be thinking about First and foremost natural disasters. Nocserv is headquartered in the Houston area, this time of year we’re thinking about hurricanes, we’ve had a lot of flooding over the last few years there are other instances too maybe there’s a fire in your building, things to think about.

Also company people make mistakes, in fact they might be your biggest risk within your company so how do we protect ourselves from our people accidentally deleting data or able to recover that data bring that back you how quickly can you do that the next thing is becoming really big especially in the small-medium business space is cyber security threats if you’ve heard of ransom ware it’s on the rise it was over a billion dollars in ransom or payouts in 2016 only expecting to go up this year.

It’s great to have a nice clean copy of your data you when these cyber criminals come and say hey we’ve locked down your data and you’re not going to get it back until you pay us this ransom. Then you can just go back to yesterday’s work and go on about your day. The other piece that we look at is regulation.

In many different industries you’re taking credit cards you regulated by PCI healthcare regulated by HIPAA. There is a number of these regulations that these regulations are growing where you need to adhere to these standards not only in how you backup your data, but how quickly you can recover it, how secure it is, but how you dispose of that data. Again this is all around what we consider BCDR in our industry If you’re interested in learning more and sitting down with our consultants that can walk you through the entire BCDR process as a business decision, that can provide some of the technology solutions to help you accomplish those goals as a business to protecting your company in your data.