Being in the world of Computer and smartphones, everything revolves around data. Data is nothing but what we use, maintains, write and then wish to save in a soft copy format either on the computer or any storage device. Migrating from the paper world to complete software world was a long process, but evolution was fast enough to make the storage bit risky. Storing a data on a device of capacity around 1 TB is really a tough task to maintain. Let us put a focus on some of the important terms and statements in the field of data storage and recovery.

1.What exactly do we mean by ‘Data Storage’?

Data is anything that we maintain in a soft copy manner. These data are stored either on the computer or many other storage devices. The device which can store a data is in different forms. Traditional data storage options were with CD and DVD’s, now it’s the time of cloud and most of the data is now on the cloud.

2.What is a Recovery?

A data is often stored in a device. Every device has some capacity which it can hold. A data may get damaged due to a variety of reasons (some remaining unknown). Retrieving the damaged/lost data for future purposes is known as data recovery. Some data losses cannot be performed by a layman; it requires skilled professionals to carry out the recovery.

3.What is a Backup?

Backup is making a duplicate copy of the data somewhere at a frequent interval of time. This process is often recommended for large storage devices because there is a high risk involved in data being corrupt (crash) or damaged. In case it happens, the backed up data can solve the purpose in an emergency.

4.How many types of storage are there?

Data storage is of different type and all have different storage options. The latest storage option that everyone is using is of Cloud Storage. Some other types are as below:

  • Local Storage
  • Solid State Drive storage (SSD)
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • USB Storage
  • Optical Storage
  • Remote Storage (Cloud Storage)

5.What is Clean Room Recovery?

A clean room recovery is a much-hyped word for data recovery options. Whenever a data is crashed or damaged from a hard drive, it is recommended to send to professional recovery team. Depending upon the type of damage on the drive, a recovery option is taken in which a room free from dust particles and chemical vapors are maintained and the data recovery procedure is carried out in that ‘clean room’.

6.What is Remote Storage?

Various types of data storage are available in the market. Earlier it was majorly through CDs and computer hard drive. With the advancement in the industry, many new storage options are in front of us. One of them is remote storage. When we speak of the term ‘Remote Storage’, then we actually mean Cloud Storage. A cloud is a remote place in which an individual or any company can store its data and can access it only with the help of Internet. The cloud storage data is the most popular form of storage available right now.