Email is Electronic mail which everyone uses for communication in the office or as an individual. It is probably the oldest and most convenient way of informing anyone and promoting oneself as well. Whether you are using Gmail or an Outlook email or any other email; all have almost the same functionality to follow. A sudden loss of such emails can create a deadlock in business operations and your economy may suffer.

There is a list of various renowned email data recovery companies which provide a good data recovery options for its users. Many companies claim that no email data is lost completely. They have proper structured functionality knowledge of how and where the data of all Emails get stored. With experience and rich technical adherence to the field, they have helped many companies, as well as individuals, come out of this tough phase. Many companies even have their own data recovery software to list down and bring forth all Emails that have been lost due to in-numerous reasons present in the today world.

What can be the most probable reasons for a loss of Email data?

There are various discussions on how an Email data gets lost despite great security. We have sorted out some of the most common reasons for data loss in this field. Let us know some of them.

  • Sudden/ Accidental deletion of Emails
  • A malware or a Virus Attack
  • Complete Hard Drive formatting
  • Corruption of Emails during File Exchange
  • Natural Disasters
  • Server failure ( Rare)
  • Exceeding the file storage area
  • Sudden power shut down of the system

The above-mentioned points are some of the reasons we have seen in Common Email failures. There are also various companies which can recover the emails irrespective of the Operating System or the Email server.

Outlook Email Data Recovery

Microsoft Outlook is probably the best and most used Email server. Outlook uses two different types of files for its functionality. One is OST file; this is used when Outlook works along with Microsoft Exchange Server. The other one is the PST file, which is primarily present on the machine/device that we are using (Computer or Smartphones).

Every Email server has some restriction on sending and receiving emails and also has a proper storage limit. Once exceeded, Microsoft either blocks these servers or a situation might erupt when the data becomes completely volatile. To recover these data many top recovering companies are there which can catch hold of the error easily and get all the Emails, Archives, Task Manager and every other small bit that was stored in your Email Account.

Email data recovery is not among the toughest ones to recover, there are also various other damages that occur on other storage devices. One of the most typical types of data recovery is of RAID. For recovery of data for Emails; if a layman applies his brain to get it recovered may not harm him in any way. Other recoveries shall not be treated in the same manner. Visit a specialist to carry on the process.