Did you ever experience the feeling of losing all beautiful memories stored in your smart phone or losing a project presentation you’ve been working on day and night or losing an important financial data stored on your company central server? Doesn’t this sound terrify? What more terrifying is that even though you’ve tried every suggested method to recover your data. The end result is the data is unrecoverable.

Don’t you know a data recovery solution that you can rely on? Introducing Datasafe Recovery That offers secure data recovery solutions and services by adhering to the highest degree of confidentiality. As soon as you send the device to Datasafe Recovery’s team. It’s evaluated and diagnosed by an experienced team in Datasafe Recovery’s Special Class 100 Clean Room lab in Hong Kong and all you get that the end that is your data.

Which means you didn’t get your data back, you will not be charged and the best part is that Datasafe Recovery can recover any format of data. Contact us for more details. With Datasafe Recovery Data Recovery is just some click away.

OneNeck IT Solutions HDD Recovery Services

Can your business afford the risk of not protecting your valuable data from such threats? if like most companies, you can’t even go 24 hours without access to your data and then taking such a risk is NOT an option And you need to prepare your data now.

That’s where OneNeck IT Solutions comes in. Our services are all you need to ensure the safety of valuable data. With data centers here, you can count on your data being safe no matter what happens. We do all the discovery work upfront by identifying your highest-to-lowest priority data and fine-tuning your recovery plan accordingly, thus ensuring a speedy recovery from those apps you need most.

Finally, we back up all your critical data to ReliaCloud, an enterprise-class IT infrastructure, designed to run traditional business applications, the type of applications that require reliable and scalable computing infrastructure, along with a secure and compliant operational framework.

Powered by Cisco, it allows data to be recovered in no time. So when fire, flood or storm knocks out your data, you can operate your business from a second location, with minimal downtime, giving you peace of mind you deserve. It’s secure, it’s fast and it’s essential.

Eliminate the risk of data loss by making it invincible from any potential threats. Choose a tailored, flexible disaster recovery solution. Choose OneNeck IT Solutions.