The RAW file system is such a state of a disk when Windows can’t recognize the file system type.

File System Failure

The main symptoms of file system failure are the error messages that you see when you connect the device to a computer. Typically these messages are like RAW file system phenomenon often happens to portable devices like external hard drives, USB thumb drives, memory cards because these devices are often connected to the computer and disconnected from it. Sometimes it may happen that the file system is still working with the device when you and pulled it out. Sudden power cuts are also often responsible for the file system failure. This is not so critical for the data stored on the RAW device because if you haven’t formatted the device as Windows demands and haven’t written any new information, your data is still there.

Recovery Process

However, to extract the data you will have to take trouble over the recovery process because there is no easy way to turn RAW file system back, say, into NTFS. To get access to the data you need to download special data recovery software, set it up and scan the device. I will show you how to recover data from the RAW external hard drive. So, connect the device to the PC or to the laptop. I see an error message.

Don’t accept the proposition to format the disk! I go to the site, download the software, install it and run. I choose my drive in the devices list window and press Start. The software starts searching the device for data stored on it.

Note that you don’t have to wait until the end of scanning if you see that the number of files indicator stopped growing, all your data is most likely recovered. Check the recovery quality using an image file as an example if you are satisfied, buy a license key and copy the data to a prepared in advance device I am going to copy the recovered data to another external drive.

As soon as all data is copied, check carefully if all the important files are recovered and can be opened. Only after that, you can format the disk. Go back to the error message and accept formatting. Once the formatting process is finished, you can use your disk as before.