I’m going to tell you how to back up Excel data into Google sheets. For this you need Sheetgo, so if you don’t have Sheetgo yet download it. So here I have a spreadsheet with data from a store and to make a backup of this we first have to put this on our Google Drive. So for this, we’ll use drive file stream. It’s very easy to use. So you click on file, save as browse. You click on my drive and you can give it a name and when you press save, it will automatically be saved on your Google Drive.

So once that is done you can go to your Google sheets document and when you started up sheet goes, you click on import and you use the append option. Why append, this is importing the sheet to your spreadsheet and it will be imported below the previously imported data. So it’s just different than a normal connection. So click on here then you click on “products inventory”. We type in the name of the sheet that you want to import. So you select a source sheet.

For this one, its inventory you can give it an automatic update if you want, but we stick this to daily at midnight and once it is done you can just connect it, so it’s now connecting and once this is done. We backed up data from an excel file into Google sheets. So here it is so this is very easy to use.

How to Recover Android Deleted Files in 4 Minutes

Suddenly we delete some file from the phone. Today I will show how to recover this deleted file, photo, video and everything. For this process you just need an app go to your play store search “Disk Digger photo recovery.” you will see this app in first. Install this app. it’s a little app then open this app.

I am opening this app. this is the first interface to this app. see here write “start basic photo scan“. Click this option. See it’s scanning. It will take some time. Now it’s showing some picture and file which I deleted this picture and file some days ago. This showing picture and file you can recover. You can recover this in your phone. Again first you have to select the photo or file that you want to recover.

Now I am selecting 1 photo that I want to recover and then click the recover button. There are 3 options to recover. I am selecting the 1st option to recover that’s saying to recover by Email. I am selecting the 1st option. Now select the Gmail, write your mail ID where you want to recover my mailing. I am writing my mail Id. No need to write the subject, but you can write if you want after input mail Id. Just clicks Send. The mail is sent now. Open the mail. So one mail has come, open the mail so this is the photo that we recover,

You can download. This is the full view of this photo. Here you can save this photo by saving this photo. It will restore in the phone. By this process, all deleted photo, video and file can be recovered. It’s a very easy process.