When it comes to a backup service I get a lot of questions on what’s the best service is it going to be a cloud-based service or do you prefer external hard drives. I personally prefer external hard drives. I don’t like people hosting my files. I don’t like people having any possible access to them. So I prefer to host them on what they call an external hard drive, which looks just like this plugs into the power and of course USB 3.0. This is my book from western digital it’s a 4 terabyte I picked this thing up for about a $120.00 bucks at Wal-Mart on sale.


Hard drives are just a lot better off when it comes to cost-effective. You get a lot more space for the money but there are a lot of great cloud solutions out there you don’t have to deal with that if you want everything to be automatic a cloud-based service may be best for you. Now if you’re looking anywhere from 1 Gigabytes to 20 gigabytes a lot of free services like Drop box or Google Drive will offer that and you can get usually up to 20 or 30 gigs for free that might be a great solution for you.

Now if it comes beyond that 50 to a 100 GB you may look want to look into a cheap service that offers that kind of bandwidth and then once you get into the 500 gigabytes to the 1 terabyte tier or space frame, hard drives are the way to go in my opinion it’s they’re just better off the more cost-effective and they offer great service a lot of hard drives, nowadays will actually offer some kind of cloud-based solution like.

For example you can get the western digital my cloud that does have a program that you install the computer that allows you to access your files remotely anyway so you may want to look into that. I personally I prefer to have my files locally saved and backed up.