Choosing the right data recovery company is not an easy task. For most, it’s the first time you’re looking this kind of help.

So how do you choose a reliable company to retrieve your precious photos and important documents? Ontrack Data Recovery is the trusted brand for consumers, business, and governments for data recovery for more than nearly 30 years. The reason is simple; they all get their data back. Global companies Apple, and Western Digital trust and recommend.

Ontrack Data Recovery

More than 200 engineers work on data recovery solutions for you and our other customers. That means we can get data back in situations where others can’t and often, we’re much faster. Your data is recovered in our clean room where the work benches are dust free thanks to HEPA grade filters, the same found in operating theatres.

Here, we work on drives and have more than 500 propriety tools to get your data back. To provide the very best results, we image data to our own secure data centre and store the data free of charge for 30 days so clients can be assured they get the files they want. Your data security is our primary concern, our premise is protected and monitored to make sure your data is safe.

Our staff is thoroughly background screened. You can monitor the progress of your job online and view all recoverable data in a detailed Vera file report as if you were looking at a computer folder. Once you’re happy with the result you can choose to commit to the cost of any data recovery fees. There are never surprises or extra costs afterward. Ontrack Data Recovery is the only service that gives you absolute certainty upfront before you commit to any fees.

In more than 90% of cases, we can provide our customers data back to its original state.