Open your Play Store Just type Super Backup in search engine. I have already installed this app. You can install easily. The fastest data backup & restore tool on android it has 4.4 reviews, it’s an amazing app. Open it when it’s installed. It’s an easy-to-use interface If you want to make app backup just click on App. I have 52 apps installed. Simply select few apps. Click on Backup button. Your backup is ready If you want to make SMS backup, click on SMS chose an option, which you want. 6332 SMS available in my cell phone If you made any backup before this you can restore again. Just like that as before you did I made contact backup right now. Give it a name. OK Some settings are required here. Go to the setting.


Give backup path here. Give Schedule Backup here. Maximum Backup Files to keep in your Mobile. Open Regular Backup Setting. Select regular backup, which you want. Select an option, which you want. Chose backup upload setting and Upload to Google Drive or upload to Gmail. Select one. Select upload to Drive, It’s my candid opinion. Delete local backup file after upload to drive or cloud if you want to remove current Google account, you can do I opened my Google Drive. There are some old backup file in my Drive let’s try to make a new backup of contacts.

Click on Backup All; Give it a file name In Process. Just wait for few seconds more. My Contact backup is ready. Now, send it to Google Drive or upload to cloud. Upload Finished if you want to upload or send the other place, you can do it. Select Drive always. Give it a Document Title & Gmail Account. Save File is being uploaded to Drive we have made contact backup right now, let’s see. We can see here at the top. Contact Backup has uploaded on Drive. There are some old files on my Drive.