I’m going to tell you about the Orico tool-free USB 30 external hard drive case. The company sent me one of these to test out and to review for you guys and so that’s what I’m going to do today. This particular case works with the three and a half inch hard drives which are the standard sized hard drive you would find on a computer, they do make one that goes for the two and a half inch hard drives like you would find in laptop.

I’m going to put a tell about both of those in the article description. So let’s do unpacking it or clothing closure and see what all comes with it. You get it the HDD external enclosure, one standard wall wart us power adapter, one USB 3.0 data cable and the warranty card and a user manual and that’s about it and that’s really.

Making Connections

All you need the case is made out of a strong plastic and metal reinforcement. So it’s very sturdy and strong. The enclosure supports almost any three-and-a-half inch hard drive, SATA one, SATA 2 or SATA three and even solid-state drives SSDs up to a maximum size of 8 terabytes. You don’t need any tools at all to and start the hard drive into the enclosure. Simply slide the case lid off. Line up the SATA connections to the hard drive and slide it into place, then replace the lid and you’re ready to use it. Plug in the AC power cable, connect the USB cable from the enclosure to the computer. Press the power button to turn it on and you’re ready to use.


It’s compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and UNIX and it’s plug in place. So no drivers are required to connect and since this USB 3.0 it can support data transfer speeds up to five gigabits per second but ultimately the total transfer speeds can be based on the read/write speed of the hard drive inside. So do keep that in mind if you have an older Drive you’re connecting with and also something to keep in mind too is that you’re using a brand new hard drivers that you may end up having to format it or initialize it within Windows to get it to recognize it and a bit of advice here.

When you’re done doing all the data transfer over to make sure you disconnect the drive from your computer properly the same way you would with any USB thumb stick by removing it from the system tray. This prevents any kind of data corruption or data loss and it’s just better safe than sorry.

Now I personally use this a lot to make backups of my computers, my personal files, my pictures, documents things like that and then I stored the hard drive inside my fireproof safe. So that it’s nice and secure. Bring it back when I need to make some additional file changes to it or add stuff to it. After all back in the state and that’s a really good way to make sure that your data is well protected.