Nowadays, there is a big problem that we may face at any moment is the loss of our valuable information. Well do not worry because I’ll help you back up your information on your iOS device using iTunes. First connect your computer to the computer. A window appears on your device asking you to confirm your computer. Click Confirm to have your device connected immediately. On your computer, open iTunes, and click on the device icon at the top. Your device information should now appear If you want to protect your backup copies, click on the icon next to Encrypt backups. Enter the password you want and then click Use Password.

Now press the backup button and wait for the backup to finish. To restore the backup, press the Backup Restore button. If the “Find Device” option is active, a dialog will appear asking you to turn off the “. To disable the activation of the option, go to iPhone settings – the cloud – and then stop the device find service – a dialog box will appear asking you to enter the Apple email password – enter it – then press Stop. Now go back to the iTunes program and press the Backup Restore button, choose the backup you want, and then click Restore, wait until you finish restoring the backup and you are done.

How to download iCloud backup data?

With the iPhone Backup Extractor, you can download and recover your iPhone data stored in your iCloud backup. See how easy it is to download your iCloud backup: After you installed and activated your Personal subscription, sign in to your iCloud using your Apple ID and password. Select your iPhone or iPad from the left window along with the backup you wish to retrieve data from Select the data type you want to recover and click on Download. If your backup is very large it may take a while, but good things come to those that wait. If you need all your backup, you can download it from the Full Backup Tab.

Once the download is finished, click on the “Extract” link near the type of data you want to recover. For example, to extract your Photos, click on the “Extract” link for photos in the main window and then select the folder location. After this, you can browse through your photos and find the ones you were looking to recover. Extracting messages is just as easy: Click on “Extract” and choose between HTML or CSV format to save them on your PC or Mac.

By extracting messages as HTML, you will be able to easily view them in your browser in a clear way like on your iPhone or iPad. Your messages will include attachments and also deleted messages if available. You can follow the exact same steps to extract any other data from your iCloud Backup data.