Losing your data can greatly damage, even destroy your business or really mess up your personal life.

Most of us don’t realize how much we depend on the files on our PCs and mobile devices until calamity strikes. The source of the disaster can be a hard drive failure, a stolen laptop, a ransom ware attack or even careless file management. What if you lost your precious personal photos and what they mean to you, the only version you had of your graduation thesis, the full client roster of your business or the Power Point presentation you have to present tomorrow to your boss’ boss. Not backing up that data is really playing Russian roulette with the product of your work. Some experts consider that you must store your critical data in 3 different places physically separated.

This is commonly done by having the working version on your PC or mobile device, one copy on an external drive that you store separately and a third copy backed up to a remote server or to the cloud. Please feel free to pick our brains regarding backup procedures, or if something goes seriously wrong, we offer full fledge data recovery services for all cases of hard drive failure, malware, corrupted file system and more. Don’t let panic make you take a bad decision, calm down and call us. We will help. Remember, you can always give us call to pick our brain if you need hardware or Data Recovery.


We are the UK’s leading organization for mobile and computer data recovery services.

Here at I-SPY Detective Agency, we offer a professional data recovery service to help you reclaim lost data from any mobile device. Whether you’re trying to restore lost or deleted text messages to prove your point in court or simply need your computer’s hard drive restoring for sentimental reasons, I-SPY Detective Agency has the solution for you.

Our professional teams, led by an ex-UK Police Superintendent with over 46 years’ experience in the data recovery field, are highly skilled in a wide range of recovery techniques. Our team will use the most up to date technology and systems available and can quickly recover any and all lost data on all sorts of mobile devices. Recovering data from a broken mobile device is a complicated task.

Smart phones and tablets are made up of tiny, fragile, non-serviceable components that require special tools. On top of that, they have sophisticated security systems designed to wipe the entire device in the event of a compromise. Trust the experts at I-SPY Detective Agency to reclaim the data from your mobile device. Our engineers are fully equipped with the tools and know-how necessary to get your files back. Your mobile device is probably more than just a phone.

It’s a gateway to your digital life. More than likely your mobile device is home to countless phone numbers, email addresses, passwords, and photos. We understand and we treat your data with the utmost confidentiality. Rest assured that the information retrieved from your smart phone or tablet is safe with us.