Pulling backups of your YouTube channel helps you keep track of changes that you made and what impact they’ve had in the viewership of your videos. To pull a backup of your channel, we’re going to navigate to the video manager on YouTube.

Tube Buddy

I’m going to actually navigate there using the same tool we’re going to use to pull a channel back up and that is Tube Buddy. So you can get a copy of that at the website. It is free to install with most of the cool features completely free to use.

Pulling a channel backup is a pro feature, but with everything else you get, it’s totally worth it. I want to go ahead to our Tube Buddy menu on our Video Manager underneath Bulk, and go to Backup Video Metadata and once you click on that, you can see all the data that we’ll be backing up. We’ll have all our video ids, which will come in handy later, I promise, our channel ids, all our videos’ titles, tags, descriptions, the privacy settings, what category we put it in, and the date that we published it. This is all awesome information to have, so as we make changes to our titles or add new tags or move tags, we have a snapshot of how our channel and all our videos were set up.

So we’re going to go ahead and hit Start Backup and it gives you a URL to check on the status. So this says there are 15 ahead of me, but look at that, I got an email saying we’re all set, it took 11 seconds so, now we have that file, it sends it to you in CSV, and you can open it up in your favorite spreadsheet program, or add it to a database.