So Let Start Backing up Data.

Google Account

Firstly for backing up your Android Phone data, we use Google Account. Friends Google lets you backup only some data of your Android phone like Contacts, Calendar, App data, Wi-Fi Password, and Some Phone Settings for the rest of data we will use other apps and services So let’s Begin with Google. So Open Your Android Phone’s Settings and locates Backup and Reset Option you can find it in main settings. Now here turn on Backup My Data Option Now you have to select your Google account on which you wanted to backup your data if you don’t have a Google account then create one and use it. I’m using my existing account. Now, as you can See Google account has been added and we make automatic data backup on Google. Now you can restore your data with this Google account anytime.

Google Photos

Now coming to Images and Videos for Backing up Videos and Images you have to install Google Photos app on your Android Phone. Google photos let you take backup of your videos and images to Google it provides 15 GB of space. For installing it open play store and Search For Google Photos now tap over the first option and Install it after that open app, here Google ask you for your account on which Backup will upload select your account and tap on Done. Now all of your Images and videos would be automatically backed up on Google the moment you take them.

SMS Backup Plus

Now coming to last and most important thing SMS backup, to Backup SMS we have to install an app called SMS Backup Plus. TO Install This app go to play store and search for SMS Backup Plus now tap the first option and install it Now Open the app now tap ok. Here to backup, your SMS tap over backup but before you tap on it first connect your Google account to store the backup data for this tap over connect.

Now select the account now allow access Backup. If you want automatic backup tap over this option Auto Backup. Ok, your Messages are being backed up now it may take time according to the size of your data. If you have a large Amount of Data it takes more than usual. So, this is the Complete Process to Backup Your Android Phone Data. You can also Take Backup of Your Media images and Videos to your pc by connecting your phone to pc via USB Cable.