As we all know how important data could be in this tech-friendly world, we must also know the bitter truth of it that all data is fragile. Every data need to be taken good care of and maintained with a series of backup periodically. Thanks to the various data recovery companies that provide great services to come out of it.  If serious damage is not done to the device; almost or most of the data can be recovered by in-numerous means. Software, clean-room technology and various other strategies are done to recover the lost data.

Today is an era of plug world, where with a simple off and on the button can get your work easier but might lead you to a situation where damage is for sure. One of the situations is data loss. Once we enter such a situation, we need to know what kind of data loss is it. There are various kinds of damage or corruption that take place in any storage device. A storage device is also a machine and as discussed earlier, all machines especially data storage devices are more prone to get damaged. We must know what kind of damage has actually happened to the device. Let us know one by one:

1.Deleted Data

Data that has been deleted by accident is a deleted data. Such kind of data loss can be by due to any of the reasons such as sudden power off from the main switch, a battery failure or sudden wrong press of the key or may be any other reason. Such kind of data is recoverable by software available on the Internet or if required then by a technician.

2.Corrupted Data

Data can be corrupted by a variety of reasons; it can be corrupt software or a corrupt hardware.  The corrupt software may lead to some kind of readability issue in the software and a hardware corruption may lead to failure in hardware parts of the device.

3.Dropped Hard drive

Hard Drive needs to be handled with much care as it is prone to be damaged. One of the damages that can happen is by hard drive being dropped somewhere accidentally.

4.Accidental formatting for device

Most devices need to be formatted from time to time, may be due to software or poor functionality of the device. During formatting, there is a chance that we might format the device in a wrong manner.

5.Hard drive not detecting error (failure)

“Hard drive not detected” is a common error that we face many times. This error may pop up when a boot process is not executed properly. In short, this is a boot error. This may be an external hard drive error or may be inside your system. Sometimes such kind of error or failure can be restored at home by oneself. If an internal breakdown is faced, a technician is required to fix the issue.

Above were some of the types of damages or data loss situations that we may face in our daily usage of devices. Understanding each kind can lead you to a proper recovery phase.