An organization works on various software and uses the Internet to carry on the rest of the purposes. The software that they use is prone to the attack of malware and virus. One of the known malware is “Petya”. It is one of the malicious software that has hindered many small and big firms, to name some are: WPP, Mondelez International, Saint Gobain, Deutsche Post and much more. Another powerful ransomware attack was of WannaCry which affected almost 2lac computers and more than 150 countries. Petya is a fastest attacking Malware and enters into a Microsoft environment easily.

What is a Ransomware?

A Ransomware is a malware or a malicious set of codes (Software) which blocks some of the data and then asks money for the release of that data. A Ransomware attack is usually carried out using Trojan in which a tricky method is applied by the attackers to block a particular file and opening of such file automatically interacts with the device and blocks some of the important data. WannaCry and Petya are some of the examples of Ransomware Malware.

How does “Petya” work?

Petya mostly attacks Microsoft Windows. The Operating System Company -Microsoft has released a patch to keep everyone protected from this kind of attack, but this is for sure that not most users have installed it. Once a system is attacked by the Petya, it enters and then locks few of the sensitive and important data and asks for $300 paid through Bitcoin in exchange of that data. This malware does not stop entering after it has been restricted once; it keeps on trying again and again to enter the system. It works on a very smart mechanism and if not properly guarded, can destroy the whole system.

Can we protect our system against Petya attack?

Any malware or a virus can be guarded by an Anti-virus and many companies provide this feature. Companies developing anti-virus software claim to be so secure that Petya cannot enter a system using their software and that data recovery is easily possible for them. They say, a system blocks the entrance of such malicious files and if the software is completely updated, no malware can catch hold of the system. Kaspersky claims to be completely spotting the malicious file and blocks such files then and there.

A recent attack and seeing the depth penetration of this malware in the software industry, not a single vaccine is capable to outbreak its entrance. The malware is so smartly designed that it attacks the system and spread in the same manner.

What to do if you are a victim?

Petya is a malware which can enter any Microsoft Operating System. If you feel you have become a victim to Petya, turn of the system immediately. The malware takes minimum one hour to decrypt the files and if the system is turned off, the decryption stops in the midway and you may be protected. Turn on the system after some time, if you find the same program running again in the system, then there is no way to get out of this attack. Stop the Internet connection and then format the system.

Keeping a system and the device up to date, and constantly backing up the data are some of the ways one can keep caution against such malware.