Disaster Recovery as a Service is a way for customers to recover their key applications and data in case of an outage or a disaster of some kind. You have your natural disasters. You have unplanned server outages and you just have a simple human error and all of these things can happen and cause an outage for a customer when they need their data in a timely fashion back.

Some key things the customer would want to consider when creating a disaster recovery plan is, “What are your key applications and how fast do you want to recover from those, and are they covered in your existing plan in any way?” Customers are really looking to the cloud now as a way to recover so that they don’t have to replicate the same environment they have on-premise. When you’re trying to create a secondary site, you literally have to place the same equipment in a second data center.


The problem with this is just the sheer cost and complexity and maintenance of that, so the cloud enables a way for them to do that without having to invest all that time and dollars. So VMware’s vCloud Air Disaster Recovery as a Service is just that. It’s a service. It’s different from your every day VMware licensing. This allows you not to have to go and replicate sites, recover from disk or tape, in case of a disaster. It simply is a tool that allows you to move your environment and work within their cloud that they have provisioned and they maintain for you in case of a disaster.

When you’re trying to build your disaster recovery plans and you’re trying to find the right service offering for you, VMware’s vCloud Air is a great option, especially for customers with a VMware environment. So when engaging with CDW, we have certified VMware technical specialists that are there and are trained to be able to answer any or all of your questions. That tied with your relationship with CDW and your account managers create our ability to help you from the end-to-end process, from the time you are looking to size and consume the environment through your ability to maintain it and your ability to scale and grow it as needed.